Unlocking the Power of Custom GPTs – 4: Boost Your SEO and Marketing Strategies

Undeniably, the most exciting feature revealed at OpenAI DevDay was the custom GPTs. With it now available to more users, we've decided to share how to leverage it for SEO and marketing. 

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Unlocking the Power of Custom GPTs

From powering advancements in machine learning to revolutionizing strategies in SEO and marketing, GPTs have a wide range of applications. But have you wondered how strong Custom GPTs can specifically benefit your SEO and marketing efforts? If so, you’ve come to the right place! 

“Mastering the use of Custom GPTs for your SEO and marketing strategies is akin to having a powerful, innovative tool in your arsenal that can propel your business to new heights.”


  • How can they improve your SEO?
  • What are Custom GPTs?
  • Why are they crucial for your marketing strategies?
  • Learn how to create a custom GPT using the conversational GPT Builder.
  • Configure actions and advanced settings before launching a GPT.
  • Explore the process of creating a custom GPT that evaluates websites for E-E-A-T.

If you’re asking yourself these questions, fret not! We’ve curated this comprehensive guide to provide you with valuable insights and practical tips to leverage Custom GPTs for SEO and marketing. Filled with engaging content, we’ll show you not only the benefits, but the most effective strategies for implementing this advanced technology into your own operations

For a quick refresher, custom GPTs enable ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users to build a specialized GPT. They can incorporate specific instructions, reference files (knowledge), multimodal functionalities, and custom operations with third-party APIs. 

Consider it as an enhanced version of the Custom Instructions of ChatGPT, minus the 3,000 character limit.

Creating Your Own Custom GPT

Building your own custom GPT can be done in two ways: through the Create or Configure options. With Create, you can have a two-way conversation with the GPT Builder to customize the GPT. 


This amazing feature allows you to specify your needs using everyday language, not requiring complicated coding or extensive lists of parameters. 

On the other hand, for those well-versed in prompt engineering, Configure lets you tweak the GPT’s details – whether it be the image, name, or description, which will be shown on the Explore GPTs page and the GPT interface itself. 

You also have the option to set up Conversation starters. These serve as suggested prompts guiding the GPT. 

Plus, with Instructions, you can order specific commands and behaviors for your GPT, and those instructions can be as long as 8,000 characters! 


You can also upload various file types to Knowledge to equip your GPT with the necessary reference material for its responses. The GPT can study text files, PDFs, and images up to 25MB in size. 

Desire for more interactive features? You can switch on multimodal functions like DALL·E 3, web browsing, and advanced analysis under Capabilities


Lastly, with Actions, you can connect with third-party APIs or include OpenAI schema. If you have made a ChatGPT plugin before, you can smoothly import the schema from that plugin. 


Leveraging Custom GPTs for SEO and Marketing

Wondering how Custom GPTs can boost your SEO and marketing? The possibilities are vast.

Custom GPTs To Determine E-E-A-T

My initial journey into custom GPTs for SEO involved crafting a Web Quality Analyst. This tool focuses on gauging websites for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. All within about ten minutes! 


This GPT uses Google’s official Search Quality Rater Guidelines and Overview documentation as its knowledge directory. I’ve reached out to Google for their inputs on using their documentation, and will update this space with their response. 


The preview stage was crucial in refining the tool. For instance, reminding the GPT to utilise web resources and external review lookups was key. This was made possible by dropping in simple instructions via the GPT Builder’s ‘Create’ function. 

Are Custom GPTs a Ranking Factor? 

In simpler terms, this section seeks to explore if custom GPTs contribute to a website’s ranking. Can the use of these revolutionary AI tools enhance your standing on search engine listings? Let’s explore this together. 

I swiftly developed another GPT, this one inspired by our recent Ranking Factors eBook. The only time-consuming part was perfecting the profile picture. 

ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users can experience the Ranking Factor GPT here.

Using Custom GPTs for Keywords Research

So, you’ve learned about the groundbreaking concept of using AI for keyword research. But how exactly does that operate in practice with Custom GPTs? Let’s dive deeper into the subject. 

Traditionally, keyword research has always been a time-consuming activity requiring substantial human effort and expertise. Not to mention, it is also primarily reactive – you are essentially predicting what your audience might be searching for. But with Custom GPTs, you can flip the script and proactively understand your target audience’s queries and concerns, thereby paving the way for more efficient keyword research strategies. 

Here’s how the process works: 

  1. You feed your Custom GPT with relevant industry data, consumer queries, related topics, etc.
  2. The GPT analyses this data and starts to understand the common threads, themes, and concerns that run through your audience’s interactions.
  3. The model then generates keywords and phrases that align with these audience traits. These are not just simple keywords but engaging, finetuned queries that your audience is likely to search for.

This approach brings to the table a stark innovation in understanding the psychology of the target audience, thereby making your SEO strategies more potent and fitting. 

Custom GPTs and Long-Tail Keywords 

Another unexplored territory that can be pierced by the prowess of Custom GPTs is the domain of long-tail keywords. These detailed, multi-word search queries are becoming ever-important in modern SEO and can bring in highly specific and engaged traffic to your website or blog. 

Tailoring these long-tail keywords requires an understanding of your audience’s core problems, goals, and aspirations. Here’s where custom GPTs can work their magic by generating in-depth, personalized long-tail keywords that truly address your audience’s unique pain points. 

However, it’s not all smooth sailing. Implementing AI, especially in the realm of marketing and SEO, can pose its own set of challenges. Learning how to navigate these and harness the power of custom GPTs is crucial for successful keyword research. 

  • Training: Custom GPTs require comprehensive training to deliver effective results. Without appropriate data and sufficient training time, the predictions can turn out flawed.
  • Adaptation: AI and machine learning are still evolving technologies. Marketers need to adapt and evolve with these technologies to keep their SEO strategies relevant and potent.
  • Data Privacy: Protecting user data while utilizing AI for keyword research is a significant concern. Ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations is paramount.

When handled with care and proper planning, these challenges can be overcome, paving the way for a revolutionary approach to keyword research with Custom GPTs.

Generating Topic Ideas with Custom GPTs

Looking for a boost in brainstorming your next article? Let Custom GPT provide you with 25 tailor-made headlines and meta descriptions, specific to any keyword or business decided upon by you. It can also suggest featured images when you select a theme from its generated list

If you’re subscribed to ChatGPT Plus or Enterprise, you can tap into the potential of the Topic Idea Generator GPT right here

Stay tuned, as we aim to continuously update this piece with new and engaging examples relevant for SEO and marketing, now that ChatGPT services have regained stability.

The Future Of AI With Custom GPTs

How do you plan on using custom GPTs for SEO and marketing? Let me know on X @kristileilani and your GPT could be featured in a future post!

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