Meta AI Announces Code Llama: The Revolutionary LLM for Coding

Meta AI has introduced a new artificial intelligence (AI), Code Llama. This new large language model (LLM) will transform the way we write, understand, and debug code.

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Meta AI Announces Code Llama: The Revolutionary LLM for Coding

Today we’re releasing Code Llama, a large language model built on top of Llama 2, fine-tuned for coding & state-of-the-art for publicly available coding tools.

Keeping with our open approach, Code Llama is publicly-available now for both research & commercial use.

Code Llama’s specialized versions offers potential improvements in coding practices across many sectors.


  • Meta presented Code Llama, a model that can create code from text prompts.
  • Code Llama comes in three versions with various features.
  • It showed high performance, surpassing other code-specific LLMs.

What Is Code Llama?

Code Llama uses the Llama 2 framework and provides three models: 

It’s known for its coding abilities in languages like Python, C++, Java, PHP, and others.

Screenshot from Meta AI, August 2023

The LLM comes in three sizes: 7B, 13B, and 34B, for different serving and latency needs. 

The 7B model is great for single GPU serving, while the 34B model provides better results for extensive coding help.

Code Llama
Screenshot from Meta AI, August 2023

How Code Llama can revolutionize your coding

In the rapidly evolving field of technology, Meta AI’s Code Llama stands as a beacon of innovation. This advanced Language Learning Model (LLM) for coding is set to redefine the way developers code, enhancing productivity and fostering a greater understanding of coding principles. 

Code Llama possesses the unique ability to generate code across several programming languages, steering clear from traditional limitations. It understands the meaning of complex coding concepts and utilizes this knowledge to provide accurate and efficient coding solutions. 

“Code Llama is not just a tool, it’s a revolution in coding. It comprehends the intricacies of multiple programming languages and offers solutions that are both effective and time-efficient.” – Meta AI Team

Three main ways Code Llama revolutionizes coding include: 

  1. Enhanced Productivity: Code Llama accelerates the coding process by generating code rapidly. It addresses coding challenges efficiently, allowing developers to focus on other crucial aspects of their projects.
  2. Improved Understanding: By providing detailed explanations of the code it generates, Code Llama fosters a deeper understanding of coding principles. This feature is an asset for both beginner and seasoned coders looking to refine their skills.
  3. Collaboration: Code Llama encourages collaboration among developers. The tool’s suggestions serve as a common ground for discussion and learning, fostering a collaborative coding environment.

As a result, Code Llama stands as a powerful ally for developers. It enhances their coding skills, boosts productivity, and fosters a collaborative environment that is key for innovation. 

In conclusion, Code Llama is not just a coding tool, it’s a game changer. It’s set to revolutionize the coding world, generating far-reaching implications for developers and the broader tech industry.

What programming languages does Code Llama support?

Code Llama supports a wide range of programming languages, including popular languages such as Java, Python, JavaScript, C++, and Ruby. This means that developers can use Code Llama to write code in their preferred language without having to switch between different tools or platforms.

Risks And Responsibilities

Code Llama has made an impressive mark in benchmark testing, exhibiting stellar performance. It scored a commendable 53.7% on HumanEval and an impressive 56.2% on Mostly Basic Python Programming (MBPP), outperforming other open-source, code-specific LLMs. Its performance was on par with renowned models such as ChatGPT, demonstrating its remarkable capability.

Meta underscores the significance of responsible AI utilization, recognizing that while Code Llama can serve as a beneficial tool for developers of varying expertise and from diverse sectors, its use must be disciplined. 

Comprehensive evaluations have been conducted by the company to gauge the LLM’s potential for generating harmful code, resulting in the formulation of clear guidelines. These guidelines are in harmony with a widely accepted framework for synthetic media’s responsible practices, endorsed by prominent technology companies such as Adobe, Google, Meta, Microsoft, OpenAI, and other big tech stalwarts.

The Future Of Generative AI For Coding

Meta’s Code Llama marks a monumental stride forward in AI-powered code generation, signifying Meta’s unwavering dedication to an open, collaborative approach to technological advancement. 

By offering Code Llama free of charge for both commercial and research applications, Meta is facilitating innovation for developers, ensuring they can safely explore and expand their capabilities within this dynamic, ever-evolving field. 

The debut of Code Llama is poised to leave a profound impact on the coding community at large, from novices embarking on their coding journey to seasoned developers with years of experience under their belt. 

This revolutionary open-source Large Language Model (LLM) holds great promise in the optimization of coding workflows, assistance in debugging, and enhancement of productivity, aligning perfectly with the escalating demands of today’s tech industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Code Llama?

Code Llama is an LLM (Language Learning Model) developed by Meta AI that helps programmers write better code faster. It uses machine learning algorithms to understand the syntax and semantics of programming languages and provides suggestions to improve code quality and productivity.

How can Code Llama benefit coders?

Code Llama can benefit coders in several ways. First, it can help them write better code faster by providing suggestions for code completions and corrections. Second, it can help them learn new programming concepts by providing explanations and examples. Finally, it can help them save time by automating repetitive coding tasks.

Is Code Llama free?

Code Llama is currently in beta and is available for free. However, Meta AI may introduce pricing plans in the future as it expands the tool’s capabilities and features.

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