Google Introduces generative AI training courses – Free & Paid options

Google has launched an innovative educational initiative, offering both free and paid generative AI training courses on its Cloud Skills Boost platform. 

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generative AI training courses

Google has unveiled several training assets focused on generative AI. Two detailed learning paths are now accessible on Google Cloud Skills Boost


  • Google has launched an array of generative AI training courses, offering both free and paid options.
  • A complimentary beginner’s course provides a comprehensive understanding of AI principles, tailored specifically for individuals in non-technical roles.
  • For those seeking a deeper understanding, Google offers a sophisticated, paid course that includes hands-on labs for developers.

The path titled “Introduction to Generative AI” offers entry-level, non-technical courses that are ideal for individuals in sales, marketing, HR, and operations roles. 

On the other hand, the “Generative AI for Developers” path encompasses several technical courses and hands-on labs, tailored specifically for software developers and engineers. 

Notably, every learning path of the generative AI training courses combines theory with hands-on experience, incorporating video courses, laboratory activities, and the chance to earn skill badges. 

Google has made a commitment to continuously update these training materials, ensuring they remain in sync with the most recent advancements in the field.

Begin your generative AI training courses Journey with the Introductory Courses

With a commitment of only 45 minutes, anyone can explore Google’s Introduction to Generative AI course, offered at no cost. This non-technical course, designed with beginners in mind, illuminates the principles behind responsible AI technologies and the far-reaching implications of generative AI for businesses. 

Begin Your Ai Journey With The Introductory Courses

Attendees can further extend their free learning journey to achieve the Generative AI Fundamentals skill badge. This progression involves two additional courses: ‘Introduction to Large Language Models’ and ‘Introduction to Responsible AI’, in addition to the initial introductory course

The total time commitment for these three courses is nearly two hours. Upon completion, participants are rewarded with a digital skill badge. This badge, showcasing acquired foundational knowledge of Google Cloud’s generative AI technology, can be proudly displayed on resumes and social media profiles. 

Dig in deeper with Advanced Path

For app developers, machine learning engineers, and data scientists, Google has designed the “Generative AI for Developers” course.

Dig In Deeper With Advanced Path

However, one must first complete prerequisite courses like “Introduction to Responsible AI” and “Generative AI Fundamentals” to be eligible for the advanced path. 

The crucial point to note is that the advanced path is not accessible for free. Google Cloud credits are a prerequisite for engaging in more advanced technical labs dealing with tools such as Generative AI Studio and Vertex AI.

Possessing a Google Cloud Innovators Plus subscription allows comprehensive access to generative AI content, offering a full year of on-demand training via the Google Cloud Skills Boost program.

Gain Hands-On Experience With Labs

Google Cloud presents an array of generative AI labs. These offerings enable learners to garner hands-on experience by interacting directly with the platform. 

Provided below is a compilation of accessible labs along with the number of Google Cloud credits requisite for engagement:

Text embeddings with DeepLearning.AI

In partnership with DeepLearning.AI, spearheaded by the founder Andrew Ng, Google Cloud unveils a unique course, “Understanding and Applying Text Embeddings with Vertex AI.” 

This complimentary course imparts knowledge on a variety of topics, including classification, outlier detection, text clustering, and semantic search.

My Advice 

For individuals seeking to enhance their skills in generative AI, Google Cloud’s Skills Boost platform will provide you with an excellent starting point. 

This comprehensive program will offer you an introductory path that outlines responsible AI principles and showcases the application of generative AI. Additionally, an advanced path includes engaging, hands-on labs specifically designed for developers. 

As the field of artificial intelligence continues to evolve rapidly, you can anticipate Google to regularly update and expand its training catalogue in line with current trends and innovations.


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