KPMG Report: 72% of CEOs Consider Generative AI a High Investment Priority

Recent KPMG report reveals executives prioritizing new technology over worker upskilling.

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KPMG Report: 72% of CEOs Consider Generative AI a High Investment Priority

The recent report by KPMG reveals a distinct trend in the business world, with a surprising 72% of CEOs viewing investment in Generative AI as a top priority over upskilling their existing employees. This shift hints at a widening gap between technological advancement and human skill development. 


  • Better Decision-Making Capabilities
  • Efficiency and Productivity Boost
  • Enhanced Creativity and Innovation
  • Improved Customer Experience

“Technology is moving at such a rapid pace that catching up seems like a daunting task for many businesses. The allure of Generative AI, with its promise of virtually limitless scalability, increasingly seems to be overshadowing the importance of human talent upskilling.”

The question naturally arising is, are companies prepared to manage the potential risks inherent in such a heavy reliance on AI? And at what cost – not just financial, but also ethical – does this transformation come?

Generative AI Benefits for CEOs

Generative AI emerges as an innovative tech priority among 72% of CEOs in a recent report by KPMG. There are several reasons why top-tier executives are linking their business fortunes to these advanced technologies. 

Generative Ai Benefits For Ceos
Screenshot from KPMG, October, 2023

Better Decision-Making Capabilities

Generative AI provides phenomenal decision-making support. It processes vast amounts of data, identifies patterns, and provides high-quality insights. This helps business leaders make more accurate, data-driven decisions, setting a firm ground for operational efficiency and strategic advantage.

Efficiency and Productivity Boost 

Through automation and optimization, generative AI platforms are renowned for increasing efficiency and productivity. They complete tasks faster, reduce human errors, and free up employee time for higher-value work. It proves to be a tremendous asset in managing repetitive and time-consuming tasks, thereby increasing overall operational efficacy. 

Enhanced Creativity and Innovation 

The capacity of generative AI to generate unique and personalized content, whether it’s text, images, or even product designs, brings a new level of innovation to various sectors. This not only helps in product development and design innovation but also opens up a plethora of marketing opportunities

Improved Customer Experience 

A key benefit of generative AI for CEOs is the potential for improved customer experience. With the ability to predict customer behavior and deliver personalized experiences, it has transformed the way businesses interact with their customers. This leads to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately driving a substantial boost in revenue. 

In conclusion, you, as a CEO, would potentially see a marked positive improvement in decision-making, operational performance, innovation, and customer experience by embracing generative AI. However, it’s essential to tread with caution and have a balanced tech-human workforce strategy to avoid creating a skills gap within your organization.

Why CEOs Believe Generative AI is a Top Investment Priority?

With 72% of CEO’s in agreement, generative AI has undeniably become a top investment priority. But why this shift in the boardrooms? The reasons for this seemingly sudden embrace of generative AI by top executives can be traced back to several factors. 

Why Ceos Believe Generative Ai Is A Top Investment Priority?
Screenshot from KPMG, October, 2023

Competitive Advantage 

In today’s swiftly evolving corporate world, staying ahead of the competition is paramount. Many CEOs believe that generative AI will provide a much-needed competitive edge. By harnessing the power of machine learning algorithms, they anticipate that their businesses will be able court new opportunities and outmaneuver their rivals in the marketplace. 


From the perspective of operational cost, generative AI stands out as an attractive prospect. By automating tedious tasks and freeing up their human talent for more complex issues, companies can expect to see significant cost savings. This efficiency, in turn, impacts the bottom line, which is always a crucial consideration for decision-makers at the highest level. 

Fulfilling Customers’ Evolving Expectations 

Another compelling reason is the changing expectations of customers. The modern consumer demands personalized experiences and immediate responsiveness, expectations which are within machine learning capabilities. By investing in generative AI, CEOs believe that they can meet and surpass these escalating client expectations, securing both customer loyalty and trust in the process. 

Future-proofing the Business 

Facing the rapid technological changes and the ever-evolving business landscape, CEOs recognize the need for future-proofing their enterprises. This involves implementing technologies that ensure they remain relevant, competitive, and successful in the long term. Generative AI, with its numerous capabilities, clearly falls into this category. 

Generative AI offers unique opportunities to not only keep pace with technological evolution but also drive it. This technology learns from data patterns and then produces new, relevant content on its own. In a world where innovation is king, a company that can regularly generate fresh perspectives has a significant advantage. 

By investing in generative AI, a company is positioning itself to be at the forefront of technological advancement rather than catching up. Automation, personalized customer experience, improved decision making are some of the spheres where AI can bring significant improvements, ultimately ensuring that the company stays robust against future uncertainties. 

If you, as a CEO, are contemplating about future-proofing your organization, generative AI presents itself as an investment worthy of serious consideration. While the cost and effort involved in implementing such technology may seem daunting, the potential return on investment and longevity it may bring to your business arguably outweigh these concerns.

Implications of CEOs Preferring Technology to Upskilling Workers

Imbalance in Skill Set CEOs emphasizing on AI over employee training can cause skill imbalance. While technology is important, the human contribution in adaptability, problem-solving, and critical thinking remains crucial for business success.
Large Dependence on AI Technologies Overemphasis on AI technologies can cause technical weaknesses and legal issues if they become a company’s main investment. 
Increased Employee Turnover Choosing technology over staff growth may imply workers are less important, lowering their morale. This might increase turnover, as workers might look for jobs where their skills are valued.
Implication on the Job Market Companies favoring AI over employee training might disturb the job market. This could cause job losses and increase the AI skill gap.  
Limited Scope for Human Innovation While AI helps increase creativity at work, depending solely on it may overlook human’s unique innovative abilities. Putting AI before employee development might hinder human innovation over time.

Looking Ahead

YouTube Source: KPMG US

As the recent KPMG report suggests, a considerable majority of CEOs view generative AI as a top investment priority. Despite the numerous advantages it brings in terms of decision-making, productivity, innovation, and customer experience, a primary concern remains regarding the preference for this technology over upskilling employees. The potential implications, which range from skill set imbalances and greater AI dependence to increased employee turnover and limited scope for human innovation, are significant. The impact on the job market also should not be disregarded. Thus, while the pivot towards embracing generative AI certainly holds promise for corporations, it requires a corresponding focus on human capital development to truly realize its maximum potential. 


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