16 OpenAI GPT SEO AI Tools Publicly Available

A growing number of search community enthusiasts are leveraging OpenAI's unique offering for their paid subscribers: the ability to craft their own custom GPT. These tools, many of them fresh off the digital press, could be just what you need for your SEO strategies. 

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16 OpenAI GPT SEO AI Tools Available Publicly

Tale a peek at some of these GPT SEO AI tools that have sparked recent interest. They’re at your fingertips, so long as you’re an OpenAI paid subscriber. Skim through this list and you might just stumble upon your next game changer. 

The Power of Customized GPT SEO Tools 

Why does customized GPT matter in your search strategy? As it turns out, getting your hands dirty with coding isn’t necessary anymore. With the evolution of ChatGPT, you can forge your very own AI-based tools. This development is a tremendous leap for the search community. 

To illustrate, consider these tools. Not only do they offer practicality, but they also inspire by demonstrating what’s possible with personalized AI agents. 

Privacy in Custom GPT SEO Tools 

We also understand your concerns about privacy. Rest assured, the content you submit to these tools isn’t shared with their creators. For additional assurance, you can access the privacy information conveniently available through the “i” information icon next to the author’s name of each custom GPT.

The list of AI agents is organized into the following four categories:

  1. Content Quality
  2. Analytics
  3. SEO Analysis
  4. Content AI Agents

Content Quality

Content Helpfulness and Quality SEO Analyzer

Noted SEO expert, Aleyda Solis (LinkedIn profile), has developed a unique GPT tool, designed to assess and compare your content with your competitors’ offerings. 

This tool reviews the comparison content based on its adherence to Google’s guidelines for helpfulness and quality, and checks whether it aligns with the search queries you’re targetting.

SearchQualityGPT – Content Analysis of EEAT

Remember, Google values content that demonstrates experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trust. AI tools can analyze high-ranking content in niches like health to gauge this. 

Why not conduct an experiment? Use these tools to scrutinize well-known authoritative content. If you’re putting together your own GPT, it might be useful to test it on content that’s recognized for its authority and expertise.


GA4 Commander

Meet Scott Hendison, the CEO of Search Commander (LinkedIn profile). Scott developed an easy-to-use tool called GA4 Commander. This innovative software is designed to help you navigate Google’s analytics tool, GA4. It also provides direct links to useful documentation. Now, you can increase your understanding of GA4 with comprehensive step-by-step guidance! 

SEO AI Tools

On-page SEO analyzer

Imagine this: you feed in your URL and select your favorite keywords. The handy AI tool then provides you a robust on-page SEO analysis. But remember, the effectiveness of a tool lies in the hands of its creator. 

Many believe SEO is an unambiguous subject with definite answers. However, SEO is highly subjective and not etched in stone. If everyone agreed on the correct approach, there’d be an absence of heated debates on social websites. 

Consequently, the worth of your tool significantly depends on the vision of its developer. If your SEO philosophy matches theirs, you’ll likely find the tool more than satisfactory. But, if there are conflicting viewpoints, does that indicate the developer’s error or just a gap in your understanding? Don’t be too quick to choose sides. 

Stay open-minded when it comes to SEO strategies and tools, as there’s always more to learn.

Competitive Analysis AI


If you’re exploring Competitive Analysis AI, here’s what it entails. Before you begin, be ready with key details about your industry, your competitors, and the specific SEO areas you need help with.

Screenshot of Information Need for Competitive Analysis AI

SEO Analyzer
Offers SEO analysis, website audit, competitive analysis and SEO recommendations.

The tool requires the following information:

Content AI Agents


Quiz Master

Have you ever considered a tool that can generate multiple choice questions from your content? Well, that’s exactly what some of today’s innovative SEO AI tools can do. 

Imagine this – an AI tool that peruses your content and generates a list of questions answered within. It’s a fascinating concept, isn’t it? Such tools can offer a fresh perspective on the relevance of your web page content. Whether that matches your intent or not, it gives you a new lens to view your content through.

ArticleGPT – Article Writer
The description of the tool says that it’s an expert at “SEO-optimized article writing.”
And yes, we know that “SEO-optimized” means Search Engine Optimized-Optimized.

Article Expert – Article Writer 

This tool is a master in creating content optimized for Search Engines. What makes it unique is its ability to generate AI-powered images to accompany the text.

Article Assistant
This tool seems promising because it will go out and do the research for the article. Just tell it what you want.
Examples of what to ask the tool to do are:

  • Draft a professional article on recent tech innovations
  • Write a detailed article on health and wellness trends

This custom GPT matches the writing style of article examples submitted for it to analyze. Just upload samples of the content and the tool will generate content in that style.

Blog Expert – Blog post writer
This tool writes blog posts.

Magic Writer – Article Writer
This tool offers to be an “SEO-optimized Writer Buddy.”

Viral Hooks Generator
Offers engaging sentences and phrases that are useful for articles, social media. It’s just the phrases and not titles, headings or complete articles.

ChatSEO – Drafts and Improves Content
The agent helps improve content as well as create a draft of new content.

Content Curation
This tool simplifies content creation by generating customized write-ups. It can pull together information on trending topics, compile a listicle of top-rated products, or cover recent SaaS tool launches. Whatever your content needs might be, it has you covered.

Harnessing AI: SEO Tools Designed for SEO Experts

If you recall the early days of punk music, when everyone believed they could create their own tunes, there’s a similar Do-It-Yourself feel to these new tools. OpenAI has opened the door to non-programmers, enabling them to design the precise AI tool they require, without the burden of hefty monthly fees. 

This ushers in a groundbreaking era in SEO, where it’s now plausible for almost anyone to harness the power of AI.

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